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High-quality audio transcription service.

Cost-effective rates, with no VAT.

10% discount for students.

All documents are carefully proofread against the original recording.

All documents are time-stamped.

Simple, easy-to-amend, page layout.

All client information and documents are confidential and secure.

Terms And Conditions

All of Uppercase Transcriptions' services are provided subject to our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Services provided by Uppercase Transcriptions

Voice Transcription

Uppercase can transcribe recordings using either British or American spelling.

We add time-stamps at regular intervals and keep the document layout as simple as possible.

All transcriptions are independently proofread against the recordings.

Our default transcription style is clean verbatim (see below), but we can change to true verbatim on request.

Clean verbatim transcription
When using clean verbatim, hesitations and meaningless half-sentences are omitted in order to maintain the flow and essential meaning of what has been said. Contractions (for example, “that’s” or “I’m”) are retained but grammar will be corrected unless the speaker uses a colloquialism or dialect that is important to retain. Sentence structure is sometimes altered to provide clarity or to correct non-standard English, particularly when English is not the speaker’s first language.

True verbatim transcription (word-for-word)
True verbatim includes everything that has been said, including hesitations and half-sentences.