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High-quality audio transcription service.

Cost-effective rates, with no VAT.

10% discount for students.

All documents are carefully proofread against the original recording.

All documents are time-stamped.

Simple, easy-to-amend, page layout.

All client information and documents are confidential and secure.

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Welcome to Uppercase Transcriptions

Uppercase Transcriptions was created by Kitta Roos and is an independent, UK-based business providing a professional and confidential transcription service.

We specialise in transcribing academic and fine-art related subjects, covering interviews, presentations and discussions.

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“We find working with Kitta at Uppercase Transcriptions an absolute joy, the attention to detail and speed of service is fantastic. The very friendly and easy to use website presents a great add on to our work flow.”
Bill Broomfield, Senior producer, Podcats Productions Ltd
“Uppercase provides an excellent service - prompt, efficient and tailored to our needs. They turned around highly technical work quickly and accurately. Their systems are first class, making our lives much easier and significantly assisting in the delivery of a complex project. We would recommend them highly.”
Professor Anne Douglas and Chris Fremantle, On The Edge Research, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
“I have used Uppercase Transcriptions for eleven long pieces of transcription. The work was always completed speedily and accurately. The service was professional and incredibly helpful. I had confidential material which was handled securely. I was extremely pleased to have discovered Uppercase Transcriptions and have recommended the company to many colleagues.”
Tamsin Slyce, Tamsin Slyce Associates, Coaching Professionals
“I was quite pleased to discover Uppercase, Kitta Roos has incredible transcription skills. Her attention to the specific language of professional discourse and sensitivity to non-professional dialogue is excellent. She has been able to work with me on rough or noisy recordings (it is not fair for her to say) and those that have a confusing array of voices with great success.

Kitta has proven to be a close colleague that I can count on to do the very best work, quickly and efficiently. She is a joy to work with.

I would recommend her services to anyone who wants the best transcriptions!”
Reiko Goto, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen; Collins-Goto